How to Make Effective, Data-Driven Decisions in a Complex World – Succeeding in Real-Time

Why Real-Time Business Is Essential in
Today’s Competitive Environment


Visualizations are the key to driving data-driven organizations.

Remember the olden days of business? Back then, shops and offices would close at a designated hour and reopen in the morning. Any customers seeking to complete a transaction after the close of business simply had to wait. Now, of course, customers expect virtual round-the-clock accessibility. Businesses that aren’t available on demand, in real time, risk losing customers to their competitors. After all, advances in network technology and production infrastructure have made it possible for customers to obtain virtually anything, at any hour.


What role do visual analytics play in building effective, data-driven organizations? How do companies approach such opportunities inside of NetSuite? We developed the NetSuite Visual Analytics Guide after speaking with many NetSuite customers about how they approach visualizations at their organizations, and what to keep in mind for when embarking in the visualization journey.


Read this eBook to learn how to:

  • Understand the difference between Rigidity vs. Fluidity
  • Learn the Role of Data in Fluid, Innovative Organizations
  • Make the Most of Your NetSuite Data