NetSuite CIO / IT Professionals Webinar

NetSuite CTO Webinar

Learn how to use data to empower businesses and advance the role of NetSuite IT professionals

The role of the IT professional is evolving fast.  While previous generations focused largely on technical implementations and systems maintenance, today’s CIOs are true business leaders helping their organizations innovate and run efficiently.

In this recording, Gary Cifatte, the CTO of discusses how running a lean IT organization has helped transform his organization into a world class distributor of sweets, snacks and gifts. Watch the webinar recording to learn how to:

  • The critical role data has in being able to exponentially increase the efficiency of organizations
  • The importance of enabling everyone in an organization with real-time data to be able to adapt and respond to threats and opportunities accordingly
  • Best practices in using NetSuite to help achieve all this
  • How all of these changes are transforming the role of IT professionals

“iCharts for NetSuite has saved us uncountable hours as team since we can now build meaningful reports directly inside of NetSuite. Before iCharts we were required to export cumbersome Excel reports and manipulate on our individual computers. Now we can work collaborate and work in real-time which has drastically improved our operational workflow.”

Gary Cifatte, CTO,

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