NetSuite Reporting and Analytics Tools Guide

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A step-by-step guide for selecting the best NetSuite reporting tool (2nd edition)


Successful organizations are leveraging visual reporting and analytics to outperform competitors and improve the top-and bottom-line. NetSuite business intelligence tools can help you gain new insights into your data and avoid the time consuming process of exporting your data. Read this guide to learn how to:


  • Select the best NetSuite reporting tool using our 10-point checklist and template
  • Save time by avoiding copy-and-paste into Excel
  • Improve your productivity by empowering all your users to visually interact with your data
  • Increase your business intelligence by transforming your NetSuite data into interactive and visual insights
  • Capture a 360-degree, real-time view of your business by integrating non-NetSuite data into your dashboard

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“I wish I had this guide when I was researching NetSuite reporting applications. It would have saved me hours, maybe days, of research.”

Donna Riggi, NetSuite Administrator

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