Preparing NetSuite for Business Intelligence Webinar

Webina - Preparing NetSuite for BI Webinar

Get tips and best practices on preparing your NetSuite instance for analytics and business intelligence

Often NetSuite administrators set up data structures for running day-to-day operations, without longer-term considerations. While this is fine for daily running of the business, it sometimes causes issues when trying to perform analytics on that valuable information.

Stephen Peake, Customer Success Engineer at iCharts, offers guidance on how to best prepare NetSuite for analytics and business intelligence based on hundreds of interactions with iCharts customers in the NetSuite ecosystem.

In this webinar recording, Stephen covers:

  • How to approach NetSuite data structures for visualization and anticipate BI needs
  • Avoiding common problems and pitfalls
  • Tips and tricks to preparing, modifying, and optimizing NetSuite data
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