Our Business Intelligence team combines a unique strength to understand your business, help you distill the Key Performance Indicators that matter most to your organization and deliver the dashboards that empower you to drive growth and execution.

Our NetSuite Services

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BI Readiness Services

Your needs:


New to NetSuite? Need support to get your organization ready for Business Intelligence? Don’t have time or capacity to deliver all of your organizational needs? Need help in creating reports and dashboards?


How we can help:


  • Gap Analysis: We help you assess where you are in your BI readiness curve and identify gaps relevant KPIs to what is missing in NetSuite
  • KPI Design: We help design and implement actionable KPI metrics and dashboards that are most important to your business
  • Saved Search Creation: Use our deep expertise in NetSuite and BI to construct saved searches that drive your reports and dashboards, including multiple levels of aggregation, analytical functions, and mashups across data sources.
  • Saved Search Optimization: Got a slow running saved search? We help you pin-point and understand problems so you can get better performance.
  • Specialized script creation: Some customers need an additional level of analysis that Saved Searches cannot do on their own. We can create scripts that live within NetSuite and can perform advanced analysis on your data.

Data Intergrations

Data Lake Integration Services

Your needs:


Have more data than NetSuite can handle? Have historical data that you don’t want to move into NetSuite? Looking to create a Data Lake alongside NetSuite?


How we can help:


  • Data Landscape Analysis: We understand your entire data landscape, from NetSuite to, cloud based databases to, on-prem data sources. We find the data that drive your KPIs.
  • Data Warehouse Design: We evaluate and design a Data Warehousing solution tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Data Mash-Up: We incorporate external data sources for hybrid Key Performance Indicators that span multiple data sources
  • Data Migration and Feeds: We get your data into a single place or help you find, setup, and maintain platforms that will.
  • Historical Data Handling: We migrate historical data into a Historical Data Lake alongside NetSuite, allowing you to dynamically view year over year data even with current data in NetSuite and historical data in the Data Lake.

Our Process

We follow industry best practice methodology to successfully deliver your business intelligence project. Our mantra: Focussed execution while helping to manage the change involved.

1. Discovery

We want to understand your priorities, core objectives, business and landscape at a high level


2. Assessment & Evaluation

Our Business Analysts will review and document the key aspects of your business goals, existing and desired KPIs, data sources and underlying systems. We will evaluate your challenges, future objectives, and timelines in order to clearly define your requirements while identifying constraints, risks, and gaps.


3. Design, Scope & Plan

All the information collected during the assessment phase provide the details required for the design of a robust architecture alongside a delivery proposal, tailored to your requirements. We will work with you to ensure all key stakeholders are in agreement.

4. Project Execution

Focussed execution is key to successful project delivery. We will work in close collaboration with you from Kick-Off to Roll-out, working interactively and collaboratively with your implementation team. Weekly progress reports and project plan updates provide you with full project visibility and control.


5. Change Management

Rolling out KPIs to any organization has a big impact how people align with each other on common business objectives. We provide strategic guidance and work alongside your executives to ensure successful adoption across your business.

Ready to take the next steps?

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