Executive Suite Analytics & Reporting

Visualize Your Next Strategic Move


Every executive knows that real-time analytics can help you improve your overall strategy and manage the performance of your organization.


Is your pipeline robust in Q4? Are your marketing efforts underperforming? What are our costs against the same volume as last year? Questions such as these are the lifeblood of any operation.

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Analyze KPI performance in real-time

based on real-time data, not gut

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Through powerful, easy-to-understand, interactive reports

Spend Time Taking Action

and not building reports or analyzing spreadsheets

Manage in One Location

from a single source of truth

Leading Executive Team leverage visual analytics and reports that are:

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Integrated into their operations

Their ability to drive decisions from their analytics increases exponentially when these are embedded into their existing processes, as opposed to having them available in a standalone Business Intelligence tool.

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Available to Everyone

They empower everyone in their organizations to view and manage their portfolio, not just management.

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They are able to review and react to real-time changes in their business, not based on pre-aggregated data that can never be up-to-minute.

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Interactive Visualizations

Their analytics allow their organizations to interact with the data and personalize what they are looking for to quickly identify the most relevant issues (e.g., filter by team and drill-down to the underlying data).

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The ability of the human brain to process visual information is 60% higher than processing numbers alone. Leading executive teams spend time understanding how to improve their organizations, not interpreting data.

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Provide a Single Source of Truth

Everyone in the organization should be able to agree and work from a single source of insights, not reconciling the data sources.

iCharts’ real-time visual analytics capabilities, coupled with our native integration with leading systems, such as NetSuite, means that you no longer need to rely on outdated extracts or your over-burdened IT team to create the visual reports you need to run your business in real-time. Our solution can even blend data from multiple systems to provide comprehensive organizational analysis.

Alex Franklin

“iCharts has provided us with a user friendly visual representation of how the sales team is performing for the key metrics that we track.”


Alex Franklin – MindGym, Commercial Operations Manager

iCharts empowers leading organizations to:


  • Manage departments by giving you access to unprecedented visibility
  • Improve operations and efficiencies by recognizing areas that need attention in real-time
  • Empower everyone, not just management, to understand and improve their performance
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