NetSuite Admin Best Practices

Eliminate the burden of manual reporting

Stop wasting your time building the same report every week. Use iCharts to automate basic reports, and focus on deeper insights.


Without eyes on important metrics, your company is driving blind. At the same time, NetSuite administrators have better things to do than build the same report every week. The process of exporting data from NetSuite, fiddling with it in Excel, and emailing it as an attachment just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time-consuming and repetitive. Worst of all, for all the time you put into them, the reports aren’t as useful as they could be. They’re based on old data, and they only deliver basic insights. With iCharts, you can automate your reports and focus on deeper analysis.

Automate The Busywork

Automate The Busywork

Build reports that update automatically, and stop building the same chart every week

Learn More From Your Data

Learn More From Your Data

Use features like data mashups to build more advanced reports

Give Everyone Insight

Give Everyone Insight

Create automated reports that help everyone use data, not just managers

Help the Organization

Help the Organization

Expand your scope to new parts of the business

Leverage analytics and reports that are:

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The human brain is 60,000 times better at processing visualizations than numbers alone. Leaders can focus on improving performance, not interpreting data.

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With a single source of truth, everyone has access to the same information. Analysis focuses on the issues, not reconciling data sources.

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Analytics allow organizations to interact with data and filter by cost, process, and much more. Empower users to find answers on their own.

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Give users visualizations based on real-time data streams, not pre-aggregated data that’s never quite up-to-date.

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When users don’t have to download spreadsheets or carry around their files, your data stays secure.

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Build reports once, and let them update themselves. Instead of building the same report every week, you can create new reports that unlock deeper insights.

iCharts is a real-time visual analytics tool that works natively within leading CRM / ERP systems like NetSuite and Salesforce. With our automated reporting feature, you build reports once, and it updates itself automatically. No more exporting data and making reports in Excel week after week. You can even use our API to blend data from other systems to get a complete view of your data environment.

Jonathan Holley

“I would highly recommend iCharts to anyone who is considering it. Using iCharts has allowed us to do a better job understanding our data and make better business decisions based on it which has ultimately made Bailey International a better company.”

Jonathan Holley, Marketing Analyst, Bailey International

iCharts empowers NetSuite administrators to:


  • Deliver reports that are real-time, interactive, and easier to interpret
  • Automate the reporting process and free up time to focus on higher-level insights
  • Put the power of analytics in the hands of users
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Want to learn more?

Learn how top NetSuite Administrators use analytics to change their reporting process.

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