Unlocking the Data for Innovation: Self-service analytics at Fairlife with iCharts

Executive Summary

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) case study profiles the implementation of iCharts by fairlife. The iCharts implementation brings significant improvements to the data acquisition and visualization processes for operational visibility of fairlife’s Western Michigan operations. Specifically, iCharts benefits the local dairy filtering/bottling plant operations staff and the local Finance Director.

fairlife is a rising player in the dairy beverage business. Select Milk Producers (SMP), a group of dairy farmers with the goal of humane treatment of dairy cows, high-quality milk production, and efficient dairy farm operations, founded fairlife in 1994. As a distribution and marketing partner of Coca-Cola since 2012, fairlife products are now distributed and marketed across the country.

iCharts provides a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution, which enables organizations with NetSuite as their operational platform (ERP, SCM, etc.) to drive improved operational and financial outcomes. Developed with nimble, data-driven organizations in mind, the iCharts solution leverages cloud implementation strengths and self-service configuration properties to speed time to implementation for organizations across a spectrum of industries.

This EMA case study documents the impacts of the iCharts platform on the operations of the Western Michigan fairlife filtration and bottling operations. It also details the value of iCharts to the fairlife organization and, in particular, the Western Michigan Finance Director. Highlights of the fairlife implementation of iCharts include:


  • 90-95% reduction in the amount of time required to pull information and distribute it within the organization
  • Improved data distribution and data quality for operational visibility of dairy filtration and bottling operations
  • Real-time access to operational data associated with plant operations
  • Wide spread data access across all levels of employees to currently manage and in the future optimize operations of the Western Michigan facilities





iCharts, Inc. (https://icharts.net/) is a cloud-based data visualization and charting platform provider that enables publishers, marketers, market researchers, and everyday consumers to visualize and socialize data. iCharts provides real-time visual analytics and reporting for the NetSuite and Google Cloud Platforms. The iCharts platform empowers rapid visualization of complex business information, large-scale research, and dynamic data sets. iCharts is a code-free product that allows business stakeholders and technologists to configure and implement data visualization in a self-service fashion. iCharts integrates with multiple data sources for real-time publishing and provides interactive features for self-service data exploration, as well as static data visualization.

iCharts currently has over 15,000 users, including clients such as Coca-Cola, IDC, Marketwatch, and NRF. In 2016, iCharts was selected as the NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year.


Product Description

iCharts for NetSuite is fully integrated with the NetSuite operational applications. ERP, CRM, and financial data is accessible to everyone, enabling users to create, embed, and share customized data visualizations. With this direct integration for data collection, there is no need to access a separate system to configure, access, and distribute data visualizations. iCharts provides a consistent user experience within NetSuite while eliminating the complexity of traditional data collection, visualization, configuration, and reporting distribution.
Key benefits from the iCharts for NetSuite platform include:


  • Reduce complexity – Ensure everyone has access to the same information. Empower business users to create and distribute visual reports.
  • Improve agility – Manage business in real-time based on updated extracts or spreadsheets.
  • Increase productivity – No need to export data—visualize business processes and information within the NetSuite dashboard.
  • Extend NetSuite investments – Organizations do not have to install and learn additional tools to visualize their operational data from NetSuite.