Margaret sells cable management supplies, electrical supplies, fire protection gear. Currently we have over 150,000 SKUs and we’re shipping out over 1,500 packages a day to large corporations including NASA, Boeing, Microsoft.


It’s critically important to have everyone on the same page because everyone needs to be looking at the same data.
 Right now we are using NetSuite to track all of our inventory of financial information and CRM.


There were a lot of manual errors.


The different team had would come to the table with different reports and information, so the results were not matching up.

The best professional day I’ve had at Cable Organizer so far is probably when we got iCharts launched. I’m not kidding.
 iCharts is a real time data visualization tool for NetSuite. It’s fairly simple. We have four portlets that we’ve built. One for our finance team, one for our Director of Sales and we have two for our sales managers. The teams are checking iCharts every day. We’re able to see the data in real time and we’re able to all be looking at the same reports. When we started using iCharts we noticed right away issues that we had with entering information into NetSuite for me that’s been particularly helpful because it’s kind of shined a light on where we can improve. It’s crucial to have something like iCharts that is going to give you the information, it’s going to be accurate and have everyone on the same page about the single source of truth.


I have been a NetSuite administrator for over six years I can’t imagine not having something like iCharts within an ERP system. I would definitely recommend iCharts to any company using NetSuite. It will save you money and frustration and our teams would mirror that sentiment.