Red Sky Solutions Video


Red Sky is a security-led strategic IT business partner and it translates into us understanding the entire IT stack for our customer base. So we solve their I.T. Challenges their business challenges but we do it with a security focus. Security is probably the most important factor in most of our conversations today with our clients.


Everything is connected, which makes everything vulnerable. We have more data coming at us now than we’ve ever had before. I think the importance of being able to interpret that data on the fly in real time, and to act on it right now, sets us apart from our competitors, it certainly provides more value to our customers, and it drives our momentum to places that we couldn’t have considered without.



I am the controller at Red Sky. I’m responsible for the financial reporting, making sure we get those out in a timely manner. To create the reports from NetSuite, we would export them to Excel and then we would have to format them in a certain way that we would like it. So if someone’s looking at a report that is a month old, a lot of changes in a month, especially when you’re working for a fast paced growing company like Red Sky Solutions.


iCharts is a very simple visualization reporting mechanism for NetSuite so that you can see your data. Most business people or financial people have used the charts from Excel. In many ways I charts goes way beyond Excel especially with the simplicity in trying to create those graphs and that alone has been beyond valuable to our organization. The implementation of iCharts was was probably the most simple implementation I’ve ever been involved with. Once we started creating one or two graphs we realized that we had to look at them from different angles and different views that we didn’t really think about before. Anyone who is using that suite for their ERP, you have to have iCharts. It’s a no brainer.



Since we’ve had iCharts up and running in the organization, I’ve had a level of visibility I’ve never had before. All of our execs on the team are reading from the same playbook. The decisions are happening faster. The momentum is increasing in the organization. Last year alone in our company we grew at over sixty three percent. I don’t think there’s any question that that growth came along at the same time that the implementation of this toolset came along. It’s allowing us to scale the organization in ways that we never thought we could.